Dances with my mother

Neal Leemput & De Studio

“Dear mum. Or: my dearest mum. I don't know. We seldom wear our hearts on our sleeves. It is only a short time ago that we met (again). Until then our paths had gone in different directions, moving further and further apart.”

Neal wrote this recently in a letter to his mother. Now he is making a show about, with and for her. About what it means to be a son or mother in the margins of, and in spite of, your own life. About being the gay son of a single mother. And about being the single mother of a gay son (the sole odd note in a sleepy village).

Neal Leemput is a theatre maker and actor. His mum is not. She only agreed to go along on the condition that she got a nice dress. So that has been arranged.

by and with Neal Leemput and his mom – dramaturgy Danny De Jong – production De Studio – with the support of the City of Antwerp

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