De Grap

Kim Karssen & Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

Nowadays we are more than ever responsible as self-made individuals for giving meaning to our own lives, and thus for their success or failure. In the absence of religion or a common purpose, we plod through a no-man's-land of thousands of choices between lifestyles, beliefs and opinions, while having access to an inexhaustible source of information and material for comparison. The winner takes all, but the downside lies in wait. Fear of missing out – FOMO – and fear of failure. Burn-out and bore-out. Left on your own and with no prospect of life everlasting, it seems absurd to exert yourself. The universe rewards our existence only with eternal silence. FOMO Extrema.

Actually, it's all worthless. Unnecessary, superfluous, pointless. Except for Kim. Kim has found the answer. Although never before has she managed to do anything on her own, she is now going to solve the futility of existence for us. The time of hope has come!

concept Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Kim Karssen - performance Kim Karssen - direction Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe - production De Warme Winkel - coproduction nOna, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r

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