Een hond springt over de maan

Cas Miltenburg & Elisabeth Nienhuis

Early this fall, Cas Miltenburg and Elisabeth Nienhuis – as the collective DEZEMBER DEZEMBER – are presenting their first musical performance, Een hond springt over de maan (A Dog Jumps Over the Moon), in which they also immediately bid farewell to the theatrical world as well as life on planet Earth. Means of transport: rocket ship.

Een hond springt over de maan
is the celebration of today and all that is yet to come
a ritual of mourning for the very grounds on which we live
our home in space
a toodle-loo from two lazy people
feeling woeful
an echo, an echo, that never, that never, can be caught, be caught, taken back, taken back

or, as Cas succinctly sums it up:
"Cas and Lisa are taking off."

by & with Elisabeth Nienhuis, Cas Miltenburg - production Zuidpool

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