Essence of Life

Nina Plantefève-Castryck & Alex Akuete

The setting is an electrically charged installation in which two dancers appear. Upon making their entrance on stage, they become carriers of either a positive or negative charge. A dual world. When the dancers touch each other, sound is created. Essence of Life shows a world in which opposites seek each other out in order to make their energy perceptible.

With Essence of Life, Nina Plantefève and Alex Akuete investigate an essential question: do people need each other in order to find meaning? And do we need to redefine our social, cultural and spiritual conditions for that purpose?

This production is part of a work-in-progress: at a later stage, Alex and Nina want to investigate whether the size of their installation can be increased, so as to provide space for more dancers. This show is an important stepping stone in that process.

concept, dance, installation, sound & lighting Nina Plantefève-Castryck, Alex Akuete - with thanks to Fameus, hetpaleis, Lynn Janssens, Karolien Verlinden

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