Gekken & Specialisten

tibaldus & Timeau De Keyser

Timeau De Keyser and tibaldus are tackling Gekken & Specialisten (Madmen & Specialists) by Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka. This play from 1970 shows the conflict between a father and son who have come home from a long war. The son – the Specialist and a former surgeon – has in the meantime become the head of a military intelligence service; he now works on behalf of a fascistic system in which he firmly believes. The father, also formerly a doctor, is now a Madman who no longer believes in any system at all, including science and progress. He has turned into the self-appointed prophet of his own nihilistic religion. Father and son are surrounded by mutilated figures, grotesque human-objects conscripted by constantly changing systems. Expect to see a large group of talented actors in the darkest show tibaldus has ever done.

script Wole Soyinka - translation Marijke Emeis - concept Simon De Winne, Hans Mortelmans, Timeau De Keyser - direction Timeau De Keyser - with Marjan De Schutter, Lieselotte De Keyzer, Simon De Winne, Hans Mortelmans, Katrien Valckenaers, Anna Franziska Jäger, Ferre Marnef, Hendrik Van Doorn, Sander De Winne
vocal direction Sander De Winne - production Toneelhuis | P.U.L.S. - coproduction tibaldus
with the support of deAuteurs, the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government, Casa Kafka Pictures

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