Listen to your heart

Louis Janssens / Desnor

Listen to your heart is a call to stand up for something, to take a position. We invite the audience to take a seat in a circle of chairs on the empty stage.
One by one, ten makers and performers enter the circle with a personal theatrical protest. They share their dreams, their fears and their convictions. How much room do we have to express ourselves and what kind of reactions can we expect?
You could say that this one-off performance is the moment for reflection during the festival. But whereas that usually takes the form of a debate or lecture, here we are inviting artists to come up with a theatrical proposal and speak from their heart. They will be using imagination as a weapon, creation as a form of destruction. It promises to be a unique encounter.

curated by Louis Janssens
performers Lisah Adeaga (actress, AP Cons. Antwerpen), Lars Brinkman (actor, HKU Utrecht), Musia Mwankumi (actress, KASK Gent), Zindzi Tillot Owusu (writer and activist), Maya Dhondt (pianist, AP Cons. Antwerpen) etc.
with thanks to Simon Baetens, Ferre Marnef, Leonore Spee, Elsemieke Scholte & Peter Seynaeve
production Desnor & d e t h e a t e r m a k e r in collaboration with Toneelhuis

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