Missa Homo Sacer

Timo Tembuyser

A theatrical Mass: a composition for one male body, a five-part women's choir and a man playing electric guitar. A musical landscape in which errant man seeks connection and unity, salvation and ecstasy. A choreography for voices and bodies, Missa Homo Sacer is both a concert and a ritual: an attempt to create a sanctuary, in which the performers invite the public to think about faith and religion, the individual and the collective, sin, sexuality and love.

Timo Tembuyser graduated in 2019 as a performer from the Toneelacademie van Maastricht and trained as a vocalist at the Rotterdam Conservatory. For this performance, he invited vocalists /performers to create an intimate space in which his fascination for choral music and the dramatic power of ‘the encounter’ are both expressed.

concept, composition, text, vocals, performance Timo Tembuyser - five-part women’s choir Charlotte Dommershausen, Loulou Hameleers, Nelleke Kuipers, Hélène Vrijdag, Petra Ball - echo (on electric guitar or cello) Jesse Vandamme - production translab Muziektheater Transparant -with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Belgium

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