Na de repetitie

Lien Thys & Tim Bogaerts

We encounter two young artists on stage, working enthusiastically to create the perfect show. Gradually, the reality of the world outside the theatre penetrates into their various attempts to reach this ultimate goal. When it clashes with their staged reality, the actors look at each other and ask: Who in fact is speaking now? Lien and Tim balance on the thin line between art and reality, between what is rehearsed and what is real. Na de repetitie – based on the film After the Rehearsal by Ingmar Bergman – offers a kaleidoscopic look at the process of endlessly re-creating your dreams, yourself and the other.

by and with Lien Thys and Tim Bogaerts - coaching Willem de Wolf | outside eye Marie Pien - lighting design Hanne Dick - sound editing Benjamin Verhoeven - based on After the Rehearsal by Ingmar Bergman - coproduction Monty, MoMeNT - with the support of the City of Antwerp - visuals Thor Salden

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