Mano Amaro

NOORD/SUL is a solo by Mano Amaro based on his personal history, in which he makes a journey from his ancestors in Africa by way of the Portuguese slave trade to his birthplace Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, and finally to his current residence in Antwerp.

NOORD/SUL is a story about migration, cultural heritage, tradition, segregation and identity, interlarded with suffering, trial and error, faith, resistance and survival. By means of words, images and music, Afro-Brazilian and contemporary dance, Mano connects this story with carnival.

concept & performance Mano Amaro - supervision & direction Mike van Alfen - vocal coach Isaac Amaro - lighting design Grégory Abels - coproduction Rataplan - with support from the Talent Development Fund/Fameus, WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform, City of Antwerp

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