Rebuilding a Voice

Collectief King Sisters

In Rebuilding a Voice three sisters deconstruct the voice, searching for multi-tonality. Through sound and physical performance, the King Sisters break open established forms, inspired by various musical genres from classical to jazz to pop, and in doing so reveal the colourfulness of the human voice.

How do you relate to a multiplicity of constructions? We give the female voice a good shake-up, debunk the achievement-oriented society and question the freedom of an underground culture. Is it possible to have a voice of your own within a pre-existing mould? Starting from a whole scale of transformations, we make a proposal for a utopian, multi-voiced society.

“Hear all voices at variance, hear all songs roared out at once.” – Susan Sontag in a letter to Patti Smith.

"Rebuilding a Voice is an exciting proposal for claiming your voice, for actively exploring what that voice sounds like, in all its beauty and ugliness, for breaking away from the group and trusting that you will coincide with the other later or somewhere else. We are each other's sounding board, to fall back on and to turn against. - Sander Janssens in

Script/performance/music/concept: Joske, Annelie and Marthe Koning - Final directing: Jessie L’Herminez - Dramaturgy: Elowise Vandenbroecke - Composer: Janne Piksen - Costumes: Akelei Loos - l:ghting and soundscape: Neal Groot - Production: Cement Productie in collaboration with Via Zuid - Talentontwikkeling Podiumkunsten Limburg - With the support of: Pop Up Fonds 's-Hertogenbosch

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