love at first sight #5

festival van (nieuwe) makers 17 — 26 2020 antwerp

Scènes uit een huwelijk

Joeri Happel, Lucie Plasschaert, Jesse Vandamme, Laurens Aneca

Scènes uit een huwelijk (Scenes from a Marriage) by the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman is almost 50 years old by now, but it remains hugely popular as a classic on the stage. Bergman presents Johan and Marianne, who after a marriage of half-truths, lies and deception have in the meantime become divorced. And yet they can’t let go of each other…

Joeri Happel and Lucie Plasschaert were irritated by the theatrical versions they had previously seen and decided to tackle it themselves, together with their companions Jesse Vandamme and Laurens Aneca: “We wanted to investigate what fascinates us so much about theatre: disrupting a dramatic world, tilting its contents like in a cubist painting. We wanted to build a set. We wanted destruction, we wanted ideals, manifestos. We wanted relativism, the human condition. A middle space. A psychological world behind this world, fragmentary glimpses of a couple that has been in the same situation for a hundred years. A feverish dream.”

The result is a show that goes delightfully off the rails, featuring two born actors, twentysomethings who take on the roles of fortysomethings, shorn of all illusion…

by and with Joeri Happel, Lucie Plasschaert, Jesse Vandamme and Laurens Aneca - after Scenes from a Marriage by Ingmar Bergman - with thanks to the School of Arts|KASK Ghent

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