Victory Boogie Woogie

Charles Pas

Victory Boogie Woogie is a solo by the young artist Charles Pas. We travel with him through the depths of his life in the city. He takes us into a jungle of lives constantly speeding up and crossing each other countless times a day, afflicted by disengagement.

Charles places himself in this dystopian world to explore what it means when you constantly have to gear yourself up, when you're continually overtaken by developments, when you can't connect with anything and everything seems meaningless but you don't know what else to do except carry on. In short, a struggle with daily life, trying to get it under control, and a search for the meaning of it all.

In this ‘exercise in being human’, Charles conducts a dialogue with an entirely sampled soundscape by Willem Lenaerts, a dynamic trip in which flashes of life in the city reveal an increasingly bigger picture.

The content of Victory Boogie Woogie is heavily influenced by the work of Adam Curtis. The soundtrack was inspired by sample gods MF Doom, J dilla and Quasimoto, who made Madvillainy together. The starting point for the character and various scenes is Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. The title is borrowed from an unfinished painting by Mondrian that portrays the bustling rhythm of life in New York.

Concept and performance: Charles Pas - Composition: Willem Lenaerts, Rint Mennes - Dramaturgy: Wessel Padberg - Styling: Kevin Pieterse - Coaching: Stephen Liebman - Poster: Delfin Lev

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