We Go Places

Carli Gellings

The point of departure for We Go Places is the power of a group of young people. They move as one body that falls apart into pieces that then fuse into new combinations. No one ever seems to be sure of their place. How do you find yourself and each other in this complicated world?

The title of this show is used in the double sense of ‘being underway’ and ‘promising’. For her first youth production at fABULEUS, choreographer Carli Gellings gathers a group of young people between the ages of 11 and 22 and shows them in their strength and vulnerability.

choreography Carli Gellings - dance Tobbe Bosmans, Malik Curiël, Eline De Greve, Lina Elmir, Kathelijne Franco, Domien Huybrechts, Talia Marechal, Jasper Peeters, Lua Eva Limonta Scull, Jits Van Damme and Roos Vandeweyer - coaching Pia Meuthen - choreography assistant Laetitia Janssens - scenography Michiel Van Cauwelaert - scenography assistant Robin Decoster - dramaturgy Peter Anthonissen - costumes Lotte Stek - music and music editing Gilles Helsen - production fABULEUS - coproduction Perpodium, C-mine cultuurcentrum, cultuurcentrum Hasselt, CC MUZE, CC Casino, CC De Adelberg, CC Maasmechelen, CC de VELINX and STUK - with support from the City of Leuven, the Flemish Community and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

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