Ibtissam Boulbahaiem

two little women
in a little place
wake up after the night
where practising
and not-so-simple existing
briefly bob on the surface of nothingness
two little women
whose words resound, whose words collide
in their little storytelling pond
of the waters from which they sprang
where the ripples
caused by the vibrations of life
just seem to want to shake
all who enter their little place awake
two little women
who want to shake shake shake
with you and them too
by puking puking puking
until the place overflows
the little roof over all the heads weakens
and suddenly it collapses
so that nobody knows where the little body will float to
so that all the little souls peering at them
become as one
and calmly venture
to take the plunge
into folly

Performance: Britt Das, Ibtissam Boulbahaiem – Concept and script: Ibtissam Boulbahaiem (with inspirational Britt Das and Pjotr Durlet in the back of her mind) – Technique: Gilles Pollak – Scenography and staging: Gilles Pollak and Timme Afschrift – Music: Georgy Chtchevaev – Costumes: Zazie Bakos – Production and directing assistance: Eva Rys – Coaching: Khadija El Kharraz Alami

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