What The God

Anouk Friedli & Guus Diepenmaat

Anouk Friedli and Guus Diepenmaat investigate what faith means and what on earth religion still has to do with it. They create a ritual debate and dance club for twenty-first century seekers of meaning: experienced ayahuasca users, spiritual beginners, conservative atheists, doubting agnostics – all are welcome. Will the audience forsake reason and surrender to their gut feelings?

concept, script and performance Guus Diepenmaat and Anouk Friedli - music Milan van Doren - final direction Renée Goethijn | dramaturgy Ruth Mariën - costumes Anne-Catherine Kunz - lighting and technique Max Adams - with support from the Flemish Community Commission and the City of Brussels - coproduction C-TAKT - partners Monty Kultuurfaktorij, 30CC, Pilar, Kaap, CAMPO

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