Wang – Sascha Bornkamp & Juicy IJsselmuiden

We am sitting on the purple carpet
we want to go home
we think it is raining too hard
we certainly do not
we stares at a high wall
we sees a metaphor of we in everything
we thinks we in other scenes;
on the bicycle
in the store
we thinks that in other scenes we is better
we wants to be right
we is right

X is about the influence of language on groups. How can it be that the plural of ‘I’ is sometimes ‘we’ and sometimes not? How far is I from we? What language does 'we' speak? X explores the space between coming together and falling apart, between seeing eye to eye and being I.

Two I’s are seeking a greater whole and refuse to speak in the ‘I’ form any longer. They demand a place in the we.

After their debut + and a version for children, De tafel van plus, Sascha Bornkamp and Juicy Dune IJsselmuiden wrote their second play. As the young theatre maker duo ‘Wang’, they start from a fascination for the different aspects of language, the misleader and the communicator of meaning. Searching for an intuitive, sensory world, Wang twists words and turns them inside out.

script and performance Sascha Bornkamp, Juicy IJsselmuiden - scenography Oona Sauwens - coaching Rebekka de Wit - dramaturgy Jenne Van daele, Charlotte Wynant - with the support of Fameus, Zuidpool - thanks to De Nwe Tijd, Gideon Hakker, Peter Vande Velde

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