Louis Janssens / Desnor

YEAR is a show organized especially for LafS#6 by theatre maker Louis Janssens. In LafS#5 (September 2020) he developed Listen to your heart in a similar way. The impulsive set-up of that project and the very specific choice of performers and content led to an extraordinary result. In response, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r and Toneelhuis asked him to think about a similar project for LafS#6.

"The idea is to have a group of artists react to the book The Years by the French writer Annie Ernaux,” says Louis Janssens. “On the basis of a number of questions, I invite them to think, work or write in the spirit of Ernaux. How do we describe the life we have led? How do we look back on ourselves and the world around us? How does an individual life history relate to the history of, say, a country, a city, a culture or a political period? The performers formulate answers in the form of short scenes, bits of text, speeches or musical acts. We invite the audience to become part of a collective theatrical flashback. Where are we now, after what has been a crazy year of course, but also after all these years? Together with the artists and the audience, I hope to create a moment of inner reflection, a contemplation of what was."

curated by Louis Janssens - performers Zindzi Tillot Owusu, Malik Fye, Scarlet Tummers & Sara De Roo - production Desnor & d e t h e a t e r m a k e r in collaboration with Toneelhuis - with thanks to Simon Baetens, Musia Mwankum, Ferre Marnef

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