Youth For Sex

Maxime Dreesen

Nine young people met each week for three months to forge plans, uniting to fight for sexual freedom and equality – a theme that we still have to fight for on a daily basis. The necessity of the project was abundantly clear at the start. Following the murder of David P., the group went to the protest demonstration on the Groenplaats in Antwerp. From that day on, these young people worked in De Studio under the direction of theatre maker Maxime Dreesen on Youth For Sex, an activist research project. The result? A protest performance and manifesto.

Youth For Sex is the starting point of Maxime's research on how we can unlearn the existing dominant constructs and make room for our own alternative forms of sexuality. In 2021, Maxime Dreesen is working on both Youth For Sex and Tabooboo, an alternative sexual education production.

with Luna Demey, Hanae Chouiyekh Proby, Miro Lievens, Saar Meeusen, Rebecca De Boeck, Erís Mangelschots, Anse Quintelier, Milan Mitera, Titiane Kelly Chikua - concept, coaching & direction Maxime Dreesen - graphic design Nick Mattan - photography Anton Fayle - workshops Simon Baetens, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe - with support from De Studio, Fameus, City of Antwerp

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