For eight years now, the Love at first Sight festival has aimed its (love) arrows at the work of young theatre makers, dancers, performers, scenographers, playwrights, musicians and costume designers. LAFS is a unique collaboration between nine different Antwerp cultural venues, each with their own artistic vision. What they share is a passionate curiosity about discovering a theatre experience that unexpectedly touches them in heart and soul.
The nine partners conducted a prospective tour of countless presentations, graduation projects and work by young makers, and distilled a rigorous selection from that. With the LAFS programme, the programmers want to bring these budding loves to the attention of a wider audience.

"We talk far too little in this sector about our deep love of and passion for theatre, about the intense happiness that an important performance can give us." – Eric de Vroedt, ‘De Staat van het Theater’, Nederlands Theater Festival 2023

Let yourself be seduced and stirred in heart and soul!

LAFS#8 was put together by nine cultural partners: De Studio, detheatermaker, hetpaleis, Monty, wpZimmer, Rataplan, Arenberg, Het Bos and Toneelhuis.