Matteo Sedda

In 🐮 HEAR ME MOO (Work in progress) 🐮 choreographer and performer Matteo Sedda joins forces with Indian visual artist Rudra Kishore Mandal to focus on the concept of the sacred and the profane and how these two elements influence each other and can coexist.

After a two-week residency in Kolkata, India, the two artists are attempting to fuse the different cultures of India and Europe by highlighting the archetypes and stereotypes they have in common. The result of this first part of their research focuses on the visual aspect, the creation of a living painting with strong and contrasting images.

This solo is part of the ‘Crossroads #inhabitingtheworld’ project commissioned and supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture through Boarding Pass Plus 2021-22.

Concept, choreography and performance: Matteo Sedda – Music: Hao Wu – Visuals: Rudra Kishore Mandal – Mentor: Stefano Fardelli – Thanks to: Marco Labellarte – Produced by: EurAsia Dance Project International Network; DanceHauspiú of Milan; MilanOltre Festival in Italy; La Sfera Danza - International Dance Festival of Padova; Compagnia Petranuradanza / Megakles Ballet in Sicily; LOYAC Lebanon of Beirut, FDR Formal Dance Research in Mexico; Shoonya Dance Center in Belgium; Mbosse Danse Company in Senegal; Kolkata Centre for Creativity in India – Supported by: MIC Italian Ministry of Culture, Italian Cultural Institute of Delhi & Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata, India

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