Hottest Chick in Town

Jan Wallyn

As a teenager, Jan was nominated the ‘hottest chick’ of the year. That happened without their knowledge, until the news was published in a local magazine. Homophobic situations like this were just the beginning of Jan’s growing insight into the ways that queer people are marginalized.

Fifteen years later, Jan feels ready to accept their crowning as ‘hottest chick’ – but then on their own terms. In the musical and scenographic production Hottest Chick in Town, Jan presents their feelings and experiences with the support of Samuel Vekeman (sound coaching and mixing), Kopano Maroga (dramaturgy) and Malik Zaryaty (choreography). The performance is both an exploration and celebration of queer loneliness and isolation, a 60-minute soundtrack produced by Jan and inspired by the note of ‘sol’, which also immediately evokes an association with ‘solitude’.

Music & Performance: Jan Wallyn — Sound coach, Mentoring & Mixing: Samuel Vekeman — Dramaturgy: Kopano Maroga — Light Design: Steven Brys, Britt Ryckebosch & Ben Olbrechts — Production: Britt Ryckebosch — Choreography: Malik Zaryaty & Jan Wallyn — Movement Coach: Raquel Suarez Dueñas — Styling: Alessa Altavilla & Rita Kashayeva — Accessories: Koan Asaky & Iris Janin — Make-up design: Guillaume Dalissier for MAKE UP FOR EVER, Brussels — Public Relations: Talking Birds — Photography: Koen Van Buggenhout — Assistant photography: Michael Bolbotchan - Special thanks to: Sander Notenbaert, those who contributed to the work-in-progress feedback sessions — Supported and produced by: Gouvernement (Nomadische Werkplaats voor Nieuwe Meesters), GC De Muze (Meise), workspacebrussels, Trix — Residency Partners: deSingel — Kaaistudio's — Kunstencentrum Voo?uit — Ultima VezJan's make-up was provided by MAKE UP FOR EVER, Brussels. Their clothing was provided by KNITS&TREATS, Brussels

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