Koodgapje & De Bote Groze Dolf

Zino Moons & Danny Bouman

What if we turned the classic theatre experience into a multidisciplinary party in which universally known fairy tales were translated into a new dimension? With that slightly twisted idea, Zino Moons and Danny Bouman threw themselves into working on a series of fairy tales. A wild idea became a visual, auditory and kinetic dream world – including a DJ booth in the middle – that acquired the very catchy genre title of ‘rave theatre’.

Think of it as a collaborative version of Little Red Riding Hood dreamed up by Soulwax, Herman van Veen and David Lynch. A total experience in which, as a spectator, you don't quite know what is real and what is fake. In which you recognize elements from your childhood and at times even experience your second childhood. Because for a while you imagine you’re on a festival terrain, only to suddenly wake up at a funeral. An exhilarating trip that will long be described as pumping rave theatre.

by and with Zino Moons & Danny Bouman

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