Open Office


A helpdesk for artists? Let’s set the scene! Your project dossier deadline is approaching in a week, you’ve been staring at the format and Excel-sheet for days and the terms 'policy plan' and 'job-specific subcriteria' make you sweat… With Open Office, wpZimmer, Detheatermaker, Monty, Zuidpool, Het Bos, Rataplan, Vincent Company, Trappelend Talent, Mestizo Arts Platform, De Singel, Het Paleis, 0090, Twee-eiige drieling, and Toneelhuis offer a helping hand, so you can submit your project proposal carelessly.

Thanks to our network of experts and their many years of experience, we can cover a whole range of all kinds of themes related to business organisational or content-related material and we are happy to share our advice with you. Together with the participating artists and organisations we assemble collective know-how that can be used for all your future projects.

We provide coffee and tea, a space, a listening ear and plenty of pep talks and know-how - will you provide a clear plan, a computer and a healthy amount of dossier motivation?

Be part of our Open-Office workgroup during Love at First Sight on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 September from 10h-12h to 14h-17h at WPZimmer!

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