In a small circus tent, PARAGYPSIET sketches a picture of a cold, unwelcoming world. One in which not only people but also institutions mercilessly disparage and thwart ‘the other’, ruthlessly driving ‘vulnerable souls’ to the furthest outpost of society, where they truly face the abyss.

The fledgling theatre collective Traumafestival sprang from an artistic fraternization between a number of actors, makers and technicians at the RITCS School of Arts. Within the framework of a party where there apparently are no holds barred, Traumafestival wants to capture the harshness of everyday life with PARAGYPSIET and expose nothing less than the wounds of society. To do so, the collective takes inspiration from Parasiten by the young German playwright Marius Van Mayenburg, asking along with him: Who or what in our society are the so-called parasites?

by and with Gökhan Girginol, Yanu Schepens, Ali Can Unal, Tim Vermorgen, Gökhan Kizilbuga, Winne Verbrugghe - advice Tania Van der Sanden, Edward Rooze - production Traumafestival - coproduction d e t h e a t e r m a k e r - with thanks to FroeFroe

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