Goele Denil

Did I tell you that when I was a little kid I hugged my father and broke four of his ribs? My mother took a picture, but it was never developed. That was often the case in our house. Everything was complicated and nothing ever developed.

The story of Ruth Verbist, ‘the afterthought ace’. Should she ever cross your path, you would not remember her. She’s the kind of person whose existence you simply forget. An eternal and ever-trusty extra. Even in her own life. Certainly in her own life. And yet she’s a true hero. But how much of a hero are you if nobody notices?

SLOP is a show about being burdened by guilt and shame, even when it is vicarious. And how bloody hard it can be to put yourself first.

Performance and script: Goele Denil – Acting coach: Gode Kempen – Speech coach: Koen De Graeve – Scenography: Stef Depover – Dramaturgy: Simon De Vos

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© Ilja Antonneau