love at first sight #6

festival van (nieuwe) makers 16 — 25 2021 antwerp


Goele Denil

Did I mention that when I was a little kid I broke four of my father’s ribs by hugging him? Mama took a picture. It was never developed.

This was often the case in our house. Everything was complicated and nothing ever developed further.

The story of Ruth – the retrospecter – Verbist. Faithful extra in her own life.

A show about guilt and shame, even when it is vicarious. And about how bloody difficult it can be to put yourself first.

performance & script Goele Denil – coach Anne-Laure Vandeputte – visuals Lizzy Vandierendonck – with thanks to de Roovers, Sofie Vreys, RADAR Mechelen, De Nwe Tijd, Fameus, PTA, Ineke Nijssen, Sara Ceulemans, Erik Bogaerts, Arne Luiting and Tiemen Hiemstra

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