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The Gap (SOTA)

As a young artist, it can be quite a task to break open the door to the professional sector. Many people experience a gap after their art education, and for self-made artists without a diploma the threshold often seems even higher. A network, subsidies, fair opportunities, cheap workspace, status as artist: how do you gain access to all that?

At The Gap (SOTA) we believe in duos, in a direct line that lasts for one year between a young artist and a professional art worker, someone you can contact from time to time for advice, to have a drink with, share experiences, acquire contacts, get help. Call it your personal support figure, your 'sector buddy'. Together, you decide how and under what conditions you want to organise this exchange.

In this playful ‘matching moment’, we help you find a support person that fits your profile and needs. More than 50 experienced Antwerp art workers (in theatre, dance, visual arts, classical music, design, etc.) will be present to potentially become part of a duo. By the end of the afternoon, you will walk out with the name of a support person and a date for a first meeting.

‘Pairing is caring’ is an experiment. Just like the rest of your career…

We start at 14h, but you’re welcome already from 13h for our opentry with a simple lunch.

Production: The Gap (SOTA)

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