monokimono & Ruby Renteurs

VERBINDING is a musical, theatrical, electronic performance that takes the audience on a search for ‘the other’ in an individualized age. And it does so in the form of a bonkers film-noir road trip in which conventions are topsy-turvy.

Inspired by the book Ice by Anna Kaven, monokimono uses lighting and scenography to put the world on stage. This theatrical music performance also experiments with ways of connecting with the audience and strategies and rituals that can be used to do this. Sources of inspiration for the band include Conversations with Nick Cave, the unpredictable live shows of art-pop provocateur Dean Blunt, and the alienation characteristic of the work of David Lynch and Marina Abramovic.

For the scenography, monokimono worked with Antwerp-based Ruby Renteurs. The monochrome film-noir world contrasts with the unexpectedly grotesque designs Ruby made for VERBINDING. This further highlights the disintegrating world in which the story takes place, and creates the matrix from which the artists seek to connect with the audience.

by and with Ben Tanghe, Simon Beeckaert, Lise Daelemans, Michael-John Joosen - scenography Ruby Renteurs

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