love at first sight #6

festival van (nieuwe) makers 16 — 25 2021 antwerp

Anouk Friedli & Guus Diepenmaat

Guus Diepenmaat and Anouk Friedli are two Brussels-based theatre makers/performers. Since September 2019, they have worked together as VZW For Real, under the banner of which they develop a variety of artistic projects. In 2019 they were guests at Monty with their production Alex Moons.

In her work as a performer and director, Guus Diepenmaat (b. 1987) explores how our bodies communicate with each other. During her training at the RITCS she developed a great sensitivity for physicality and rhythm. Her graduation project was the performance HOHOHOHO, with which she won the special mention prize at the Itself Festival in Warsaw, Poland in 2017. She has worked with Jetse Batelaan, Lizzy Timmers and Ultima Vez, among others. In 2020, she was a guest at the Porn Film Festival Vienna to talk about her visual art. Guus is currently working on a tactile installation on gender fluidity. She also writes poetry.

Anouk Friedli (b. 1992) writes, directs and performs. She followed up her studies in directing at the RITCS, with a Master's programme in writing. She spent eight months as a 'montignard' at the Monty Kultuurfaktorij and did a work placement with Christoph Marthaler. In her work, she explores how imagination can be an emancipatory force. In 2019, she directed Alex Moons, for which she collaborated with Monty, Dood Paard, C-TAKT and Pianofabriek, among others. In 2020, she was selected to create a show for the Boslab Festival in Amsterdam and she organized Het Schrijverslab, a mini-festival dedicated to experimentation on text.


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