Collectief King Sisters

A King Sisters show walks the tightrope between concert and theatre. Their musical chemistry seamlessly corresponds with their dynamics as sisters. A monologue will be interrupted by a song, a song undercut by theatrics – all of which is part of their research into ‘the individual in the midst of a collective'.

As a collective, they previously made Song of the Sisters (2018) and Talking Songs (2020/21, performed at the November Music festival, among other places). In 2021, Marthe Koning and Doris Vervuurt presented THIS APPEAR at the Expeditie Cement festival.

Besides their collective work, this trio also makes individual work within their own disciplines: Joske as an actor and theatre maker, Annelie as a vocalist and composer, and Marthe as a visual artist and performer. In their collective work, the connecting factor is the voice.


Rebuilding a Voice