Jarne Van Loon, Lieselot Siddiki

Jarne Van Loon and Lieselot Siddiki have a shared practice but also follow their own personal paths within the Flemish arts sector.

Lieselot Siddiki is a hybrid artist. She creates worlds in which performance, costumes and scenography are closely interwoven. In addition to her own creations, Lieselot has worked as an actor in Camping Sunset and in the production Pinokkio by Jonas Baeke and Jef Hellemans. Along with Jarne, she is one of the initiators of the artists’ collective Zuidpark. In the summer of 2020, the duo worked together on the show The Importance of Being Flemish by Zuidpark. This fruitful collaboration eventually led to the production Nachtzwemmen.

Jarne Van Loon is an actor and theatre maker who is a graduate of KASK in Ghent. Excess, aesthetic images, ecstasy, the Dionysian, nightlife and glitter characterize Jarne’s work. In May 2021 he and Lieselot Siddiki made Nachtzwemmen, a show in the form of a rowdy party. Since the summer of 2021, Jarne has been playing in the reprise of After All Springville, a show by Miet Warlop. In early 2022, together with a group of performers, he made ICQ, a show revolving around movement.




Jarne Van Loon
Jarne Van Loon