Jarne Van Loon, Lieselot Siddiki

Nachtzwemmen is like diving into the underbelly of a club!
Drowning in intoxication.
Becoming weightless.
Seducing a giggling gabber nymph.
Drinking yourself to oblivion.
Weeping over vanished butt plugs.
Cracking the whip on the ass of Bacchus.
Catching the moon in your throat and feeling the hunger in the club.
Laughing with lost souls washed up on the shore.
Knocking the teeth out of shame.
Slow dancing with the Whore of Babylon.
Wriggling with wild water creatures.
Doing the polonaise with the Twelve Apostles.
Pulling rituals out of your butt and shots out of your ears.
And marinating yourself in pre-cum.

Jarne and Lieselot became acquainted in the satirical and activist fun-fair collective Zuidpark. Having a mutual love of the Dionysian, nightlife, glitter and spectacle, they decided to make Nachtzwemmen (Night Swimming) together. A party camouflaged as a show. Or a show camouflaged as a party.

Concept: Jarne Van Loon & Lieselot Siddiki – Performance: May Abnet, Floris Baeke, Nona Demey Gallagher, Susan from Grindr, Elisabeth Klinck, Margy Regniers, Lieselot Siddiki, Valentina Angelique Tóth & Jarne Van Loon – Costumes: Aidan Abnet & Lieselot Siddiki – Music: Oscar Pilchard Claus, Elisabeth Klinck, Margy Regniers, Valentina Toth & Nid & Sancy – Visuals: Anton Clays – Poster image: Valerie de Backer, May Abnet, Krietjur & Mauve Lux – With thanks to: Karel Busschop, Noel David, Jana De Kockere, Jaimy Aris D'hont, Simon Dewinne, Maarten Dings, Nid & Sancy, Joeri Happel, Nele Keukelier, Bardia Mohammad, Vic Peeters, Gaspard Rozenwajn, Naomi van der Horst, Gouvernement, KASK Drama, Voo?uit

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