Air Odyssey

Stellar Legions & Compagnie Aira

Air Odyssey is an improvisational dialogue between the Leuven dance company Compagnie Aira and the Antwerp space jazz collective STELLAR LEGIONS.

Starting from improvisation, and seasoned with influences from jazz, dub and a whole range of electronic subgenres, the four gentlemen from STELLAR LEGIONS solemnly declare they will boldly go where no man has gone before, as if Homer were a Vulcan. Brace yourself for an intergalactic trip through colourful musical worlds and let yourself be carried away to indeterminate, extra-terrestrial but definitely always hospitable realms.

In 2021, STELLAR LEGIONS worked with Compagnie Aira on the outdoor performance Air Odyssey, in which eighteen young dancers embodied musical structures, rhythms and sounds. For this concert they will perform a few choreographies and improvisations from that performance.

by & with Stellar Legions - choreography & coaching Zoë Demoustier, Thibault Bollue - dancers Jacob Bousset, Emma De Munck, Noélie Dochez, Nel Van Hoof, Yaëlle Vaccarello, Zoë Demoustier - production Stellar Legions, Compagnie Aira

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