are you close

Martijn Gielen & Tim Taveirne

Two figures
Two men
Martijn and Tim
stand on stage, where they try to reach each other with each other's help.
They need each other, support each other, they trip each other up, they play games, push and pull, sometimes stand still for too long.
They meet each other, over and over again.

are you close
is a meticulous dance for two figures in which they sometimes move together, other times apart. Martijn and Tim conduct a dialogue with their bodies, practice moving together. Cautiously, they explore the boundaries of their own desires and dependence. Who are they for each other? What do they want from each other? And is that in fact the same?

performance Martijn Gielen, Tim Taveirne - dramaturgy Simon Baetens, Kleo van Ostade - scenography Lies van Loock - costumes Jente De Graef - technique Erica Van Mulders - mentors Tine Van Aerschot and Wannes Gyselinck - with thanks to kask Drama School of Arts

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