Bliss is a story that explores time and boundaries through the use of sound and words. The show winds its way along the twisted paths of the family, like memories being blown away by the wind. A scene composed of a collection of words and tones trying to connect in a sea of sounds, in which the boundaries between truth and fiction, past and future, sorrow and bliss are blurred.

In this environment, the multidisciplinary collective e-c-h-e-l-o-n plays with objects that tell stories and with words that resound as music. Prisca-Agnes Nishimwe narrates and sings Bliss to music composed and performed by Brice Deconinck and Joris Vantilborgh.

By & with Prisca-Agnes Nishimwe, Brice De Coninck, Joris Vantilborgh, Martina Petrovic, Studio Alles - with support from Arenberg, WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform, Rataplan, City of Antwerp

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