Distort the body

Gedachtegang & Aram Abgaryan

In Distort the body, Jakobe Geens messes with the gender norms of our society. Using a costume that magnifies typical female and male characteristics, she examines the physical limits of our bodies: gigantic breasts and a narrow waist for a woman; broad shoulders and overdeveloped calves for a man. These magnifications of societal expectations reveal the limitations of such expectations.

Jakobe wants to make the spectators aware of their own expectations by wrenching various parts of the costume away from their related gender. In doing so, she makes clear the difference between the construction and the physicality of our bodies. At the same time Jakobe uses playtronics to provide her show with a soundtrack, and is accompanied in this by Aram Abgaryan (KRANKk).

by and with Jakobe Geens

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