Violet Braeckman & Ramy Moharam Fouad

Fade Into You is a nocturnal event that entices you to shamelessly flow, lose yourself, disappear into the other, in which you look for the light in each other's eyes and dance to the rhythm of your shadow.

Interwoven with the deeper recesses of your being, you wander through De Studio, which will undulate and burst at the seams to the gentle tones and deep basses of Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, One Track Brain & Ogenn, Willem Ardui, Loverman and many more performances, films and concerts, until, veiled in darkness, you see the first streaks of sunlight slipping in and awaken from this sultry summer dream.

Ramy Moharam Fouad and Violet Braeckman invite you to turn up at Fade Into You in a guise that you have always wanted to assume but never dared to show before, as your shadow side, your quirkiest, most secret alter ego, as your innermost self pushing its way out.

Who are you when it gets dark?

Curated by: Violet Braeckman & Ramy Moharam Fouad – Powered by: De Studio & Dear Antwerp

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