love at first sight #5

festival van (nieuwe) makers 17 — 26 2020 antwerp

Mia Kermis

Stefanie Claes (Lucinda Ra) i.s.m. De Studio

In the wordless Mia Kermis, Stefanie Claes from the Lucinda Ra collective tells how it feels to be born into the world unwanted. She chose this particular theme because she used to live near a home for abandoned children and was tremendously intrigued by it. Using a multitude of self-made puppets and drawings, Stefanie visually tells the story of Mia Kermis, a child that grows up and searches for her own beginnings in order to develop further. The result is an intimate miniature show.

Mia Kermis is an ode to all of the foundlings who have ever lived, and to imagination and curiosity about our origins.

"It's not just this poetic, wordless story that gets under your skin, it's the amazingly beautiful and delicate way that Claes brings her universe to life. Like Benjamin Verdonck and Louis Vanhaverbeke, Claes elevates bricolage to art. Within an hour, she conjures up dozens of grotesque little puppets out of paper, tape and wire at her workbench. Large pastel drawings serve as the backdrop. With the help of some old toys and a loop station, she puts together a live soundtrack. Cheeks flushed, Claes keeps the ball rolling all on her own. Fortunately, her artisanal approach allows the audience sufficient time to take it all in.” – Charlotte De Somviele, De Standaard****

concept, design and performance Stefanie Claes - feedback and dramaturgy Simon Allemeersch, Barbara Claes & Sofie Van der Linden - lighting advice Iwan Van Vlierberghe - a production by Lucinda Ra - in collaboration with de Studio | with the support of Vooruit & Kaap

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