Panic & other Attacks

Dounia Mahammed en Roos Nieboer

In Panic & other Attacks, Dounia Mahammed looks for formulas that can save us in difficult situations. In her own jittery, bizarrely associative way, she gives free reign to her thoughts about the question: “What should you do?”

What should you do when you are caught in an avalanche? What should you do when you are attacked by a polar bear? And is that the right question, in fact? Shouldn’t it be more like: “What should we do to avoid being attacked by a polar bear?”

As a writer and actor, Dounia is as passionate about social questions as she is about the poetry of ordinary things. Her work attempts to say something about people and being human, navigating between amazement and despair.

script, concept and performance Dounia Mahammed - production wpZimmer - with the support of C-Takt Neerpelt, the Flemish Government - thanks to Nedjma Hadj, Les Bancs Publics Marseille, Napoli Teatro Festival, Performances Beyond Two Shores (Creative Europe project)

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