Younes van den Broeck

Pollution, dead fish in the ocean
Pollution, pollution, dead fish in the ocean
Lalalalalalalalala tide is high
Kill them with the flow
Wipe them all out and then they will know
Ring the alarm
Another world is dying
Corruption, destruction, tornadoes lighting, lava eruptions

PL3M0NS is a hybrid, Afro-futuristic, multimedia performance in 3D style based on a post-apocalyptic scenario: climate change is a fact and the population is in survival mode. Extra-terrestrial parasitic creatures find a host in plastic in order to sow doom and destruction on earth. PL3M0NS is about the predatory role of plastic and other pollutants. Younes made all of the masks, sets and costumes himself.

Younes van den Broeck has been working on PL3M0NS, his first theatre production, in stages since 2018. Love at first Sight#5 now has the pleasure of showing it.

direction, dramaturgy, costumes and scenography Younes van den Broeck - with Ali Abdi, Alex Aguirre, Yeboah Asiama, Ramos Oseibantu, Ali El Hassani, Christopher Libenge, Serge Junior - music Redouan Haou Haou, Willy Darktrousers, Younes van den Broeck - video Magnus Dikese, Redouan Haou Haou, Gwilermo - production Younes Vanden Broeck, Wipcoop & d e t h e a t e r m a k e r

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